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 ZipRecover Support - Retrieve Lost Registration Key

Registration Key Retrieval
If you have purchased ZipRecover but lost the registration key. You may use the following form to retrieve it. Please enter the e-mail address under your order. Your registration key will be located and resent to the e-mail address in the next 10 minutes automatically. The service is free and you will NOT be charged again.

The e-mail address under your order:

Note: Please be sure your mail account is not full and can accept incoming e-mail. The registration key e-mail may be rejected by your antispam system, or may go into your junk/spam/held folder. Please check your antispam setting if you cannot receive it.

If you have changed the e-mail address, or cannot access the former e-mail address, or forgot the e-mail address under your order, please contact ZipRecover Support. Our support team will respond in 24 hours.

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